Kraft Soft content restoration

Kraft Commercial


At Kraft Commercial Service we provide around-the-clock 7 day service, with a hand’s on approach to serve you and your home-owner needs. We handle each claim with care and personalized attention. We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction, providing personal involvement, and care with a focus on each claim from beginning to end.


On-call 24/7 with “rush” services for items needed within 48 hours. An expeditious onsite pack-out of all textile. Immediate processing for all wet articles for a better restoration success rate. Itemized estimation submitted within 72 hours.


Our project manager and customer service rep team arrive at the location fully trained and prepared to evaluate the situation. The team begins by conducting a thorough room by room assessment of damaged items, then bags these items for a safe delivery to our facility. Once at the facility we will itemize and catalog into our state-of-the-art computerized system. Thru our tracking system we are able to process, track, and store each project allowing for a clear communication between KRAFT, our restoration contractor and the home owner.

Items Restored

Dry-cleanable items, leather goods, shoes, purses, jackets, laundry of all kinds, household goods, stuffed animals and many more unique items.

Cleaning Process

With the combination of our Ozone treatment process, hydraulic action washing technique (Hydraulic action is used to remove dirt and contaminants like soot and bacteria from fabric and foams, most washes are executed in a neutral PH environment) and our environmentally friendly detergents, this results in the capability in removing 95% of the contaminants while still being gentle on each and every item. Our Stage 1 detergent attacks the bacteria and breaks down unwanted organic matter while eliminating odor. Our Stage 2 detergent is an emulsifier and surfactant that dissolves and removes the contaminant. Our Stage 3 detergent is a combination of natural disinfectant that kills bacteria and mold spores on contact. Our Stage 4 detergent is a softener


Our Certified I.F.I. operators are able to restore an average of 95% of soft contents. We are prepared to restore any type of damaged and contaminated items ranging from a Category 1, 2, and 3 water damage, heavy smoke and soot, mold and Bio-waste.

As your partner, we are committed to getting your homeowner back at home.